A More Perfect Union

What We the People Can Do to Reclaim Our Constitutional Liberties
Unabridged Compact Disc

A More Perfect Union book cover
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An inspiring new guide to understanding, appreciating, and defending our Constitution, by the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller One Nation.

Dr. Ben Carson, the acclaimed, bestselling author of One Nation, America the Beautiful, and Gifted Hands, returns with his unique blend of insight, clarity, and common sense in A More Perfect Union. Dr. Carson proves that you don’t have to be a legal scholar to understand, appreciate, and defend the United States Constitution.

In plain English, Dr. Carson explains the basic principles of the Constitution and the freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, and he shows how they relate to our everyday lives. He talks about the checks and balances that are critical to the effective functioning of our democracy and the challenges presented by recent Presidents, Congresses, and the Supreme Court. Dr. Carson then explains how we can get the government to stay true to the original intent of the Founders.

From the Hardcover edition.

A More Perfect Union

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